Thursday, October 21, 2010


I find myself shouting inside lately! There are so many things in my life, choices I'm making, that go against what society (aka the World) would have me believe is right. And I'm succumbing to being PC about it....why? Is being politically correct blatently going against your convictions? Convictions that you know in your heart are right and true...and more importantly are backed by the Word of God. By being silent, am I failing God? Am I choosing the World over the Word?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bullet points

My mind has been racing from thought to thought lately - never really completing one before moving on to the other. I feel like someone has the remote controller to my brain and they're flipping through the channels really fast. I gotta get all this out and onto this blog - bullet-point style. I'm not promising anything special...

  • My feet went searching for Travis' in the middle of the night....and for the first time in three days, they found their target. All is right with the world. He was gone all weekend to on his Emmaus Walk, which proved to be an amazing (and hard) experience for us.
  • Really, really wanting some sugar!
  • Somedays, I really want to wear my white, fuzzy robe all day. But something in me won't let myself be that lazy. Travis informed me that I'm crazy.
  • Is Clara a better baby, or are we just better parents?
  • Reading the chapter on being chaste in the Debi Pearl book. Oh wow! All of the chapters speak to me, but this one in particular, I felt greatly convicted. Not so much recently, but in the past, I could definitely be accused of dressing immodestly I think. From now on, before I head out, I'm going to look down my body and do a boobs, stomach, butt check.
  • Did I really just write "boobs" in a post? Sorry, Mammaw.
  • Not a fan of food poisoning (which is what we both had, I learned that Travis was sick on Friday morning along with me. Not as much as me, so it must have been my dinner that he only had a couple of bites of). But, really, who IS a fan of food poisoning? Someone, I'm sure. Probably a facebook page for it.
  • Wonder how much tickets to Denver are right now?
  • Undercooked brownies with Reese peanut butter chips in them.
  • Loving this new Febreeze battery-powered candle (an oxymoron of sorts)...but I'm too cheap to turn it on..then I'd have to replace the batteries sooner. Travis doesn't think I'm crazy for that - he's just as frugal.
  • It's the Holy Spirit that convicts, missy....not me!
  • I'd really love a house that I could decorate for the fall. Maybe will all the money we're saving on that candle...
That's all for now...the fairy will change the channel again and I'm sure I'll have more to post soon enough.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Henry has watched the movie, "Robots", AT LEAST 10 times in the last 4 days! All he wants to do is watch this movie...he CRYS when it's over and asks for it over and over again. Yesterday, Travis told him to play with his puzzles first, so Henry gets out all his puzzles and RACES through them, just so he can watch this darn movie. He'd much rather watch "Wobots" than play with any toys, new or old. Of course, we are in control and there are several times a day that he asks to watch it and we say no. But still, is this normal for a child to pick a favorite?!?