Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training (or not)

Well - Tuesday was the day. Marked it on the calendar, told everyone about it, bought special drinks and snacks. Tuesday was the day to potty train Henry. Tuesday was a bad day.

We used the book, "Toilet Training in A Day". It had worked successfully for my mother-in-law for her nine kids so I figured Henry would take to it. The premise is that you stay in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG (with no toys, TV, phone, distractions) and you talk about pottying - ALL DAY. You stuff the toddler full of juice, milk, water and any snack that they want. It's supposed to be fun. Enjoyable. A day to remember.

I'm still trying to block it, as I'm sure Henry is as well.

The child just did not want to do this - didn't want to stay in that room, didn't want to potty, didn't want to pull down his underwear. He drank alot but only peed three times in almost 7 hours. I was consistently excited - my face is still sore from the fake smiling.

I peed more often than he did.

Travis came home and I'm glad that he was able to see how frustrating it was. I was seriously worried that he'd show up at 5 and say, "You must have not read the book".

Ever since Tuesday, we've been prompting Henry to the potty every 30 minutes or so. I even put the potty in front of the TV yesterday and waited for him to pee for like an hour. Imagine me sitting beside him, just staring at his wee-wee, waiting for a drip. If we could only get a couple of times in the potty, and reinforce it with treats, I think he would start to understand. Five minutes after I pull his underwear back on, he pees in them. Since Tuesday, Henry hasn't peed in the potty once. He is perfectly content walking around in a wet pull-up.


Why on God's green Earth did I think that potty training 3 weeks before having a baby would be a good idea?!?!? From all the articles I've read since Tuesday, most toddlers revert back to diapers when a new child comes home. I'm a masochist, I guess.

Should I keep at this? Should we wait another 3 months? Next summer?

P.S. Hollywood stars actually HIRE minions to do this type of much do you think a professional potty-training coach costs?? I'm pretty frugal but....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watch out for the crazy pregnant lady!!!

WOW! The nesting has officially begun. Last night, I HAD to come home and pick blueberry's at 9pm. I HAD to clean Clara's room and wash her new quilt. I HAD to wash our sheets. I started crying when Travis looked at me like I was insane for wanting to organize some papers (at 11pm, and stuff that could easily be put off). Today, after cleaning Mom's house all morning, I came home and scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. All of these things just HAD to be done. There was no other way around it - completely irrational, completely crazy. Miss Clara CANNOT come home to germy house!!

Good thing T wasn't completely caught off guard - the crazy cleaning lady came around when Henry was in womb too. He just held me and let me talk it out. Then I went back to cleaning...