Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watch out for the crazy pregnant lady!!!

WOW! The nesting has officially begun. Last night, I HAD to come home and pick blueberry's at 9pm. I HAD to clean Clara's room and wash her new quilt. I HAD to wash our sheets. I started crying when Travis looked at me like I was insane for wanting to organize some papers (at 11pm, and stuff that could easily be put off). Today, after cleaning Mom's house all morning, I came home and scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. All of these things just HAD to be done. There was no other way around it - completely irrational, completely crazy. Miss Clara CANNOT come home to germy house!!

Good thing T wasn't completely caught off guard - the crazy cleaning lady came around when Henry was in womb too. He just held me and let me talk it out. Then I went back to cleaning...


bass family said...

Bless! This kinda cracks me up :) It's not too long till Ms. Clara makes her appearance! Then you won't want to clean, you'll just want to snuggle (and/or sleep). By the way, I adore the new picture! So cute!

A+A said...

Totally can relate!

You look AMAZING, btw. Just stunning.