Thursday, May 13, 2010


Had you asked me a year ago (maybe even 6 months ago) whether or not I wanted a weekend away, all by myself, I would have said, "Where do I sign up". Ironically, someone did ask me just that question and I jumped at the chance. Now the weekend is here and I'm having mixed feelings about being away.

Starting tonight through Sunday night, I will be in Hayesville, NC on a Christian retreat, called "Mountain Top - Walk to Emmaeus". The purpose of the "walk" (bummed that there is no actual walking involved) is to offer a time of meditation, seminars, worship and fellowship with other Christians. I'm super super pumped about what God has in store for me. I feel quite confident that this weekend will give me even more direction and purpose - to be a better wife and mother.

It's bittersweet, however, because I don't want to spend ANY time away from Travis and Henry lately. My marriage is strong and the weekends are spent making it even stronger. Henry is fun now and he is becoming this affectionate little boy that I always wanted. Any time spent away from my boys seems like it will be second-rate. That being said, I'm still going, I'm still planning to reap and sow, and I plan to make the most of my time away.

Pray for Travis please. I've been prepping the house all week so that he won't have to do much. I've left him with clean clothes, a clean house, chili and ice cream. There is no telling what might happen when men are left to their own devices.


bass family said...

I know the feeling!! As desperate as I feel sometimes to just need a break, I hate to miss out on anything. Hope you had an amazing weekend though, and are able to return to your husband (who did a great job, I'm sure!) and your son with renewed passion and purpose.

A+A said...

Curious to hear how your weekend went!