Monday, October 12, 2009

I Confess...

Today was a rare treat that I seldom allow myself: We stayed in jammies ALL day long. I usually make myself go go go..but today, Henry needed to rest and it took very little to talk me into it. Tomorrow, I'll take my 6 mile walk, clean the house, laundry and lift weights at the gym. Tomorrow will be a regular day but today, today was for laying around.

We did go to Walmart (in our pj's), which I kinda felt bad about, especially when the checkout clerk asked if I was having a rough day. Geez, didn't think I looked THAT bad. As moms, we don't always do what is "expected" of us; we take shortcuts whenever we can, will do practically anything for a few more minutes of sleep, and we might not even eat all of our recommended vegetables in a day (or week). I felt the need to air out some of my less than stellar parenting moments - thus, the confession thread.

  • that I almost always opt for foods that Henry can't make a mess with, even if they are boring and really have little nutritional value (i.e. Teddy Grahams).
  • that I love it that Travis gets up with the baby in the morning and I get to sleep in - even on the weekends when I know that Travis could use the extra sleep more than I could.
  • that last week, I INTENTIONALLY chose sleep over going to my doctor's appointment. Luckily, I was able to reschedule.
  • that I HATE dressing Henry (or any baby). Most mothers like this, right?!? I can't stand it and have no interest in putting outfits together, thus, pj's to Walmart.
  • that sometimes it's just easier to nurse Henry than to make a meal for him. (Although, one could argue that I am "making a meal" for him).
  • that a couple of times, Travis and I have acted like we were going to the gym and gotten a babysitter, but instead, stayed home and held each other on the couch in silence.
I'm sure there are more, but I'd rather let Travis play with my hair right now. What do YOU confess?

Friday, October 9, 2009


Henry has discovered the trash can!! He has always played in the recycling, toting cans and paperboard around the house, but today I found him in the trash! I looked into the can and found 2 pairs of socks, some nose strips and a bandanna!?!? Now I'm wondering what all Henry has "thrown out" wonder Travis has socks with no match!