Saturday, February 26, 2011


Random thoughts:
  • Clara is seriously the best baby ever. Those chubby thighs. Ah, I could eat them up.

  • P90X is awesome. I thought I would hate getting up at 6AM to sweat beside my husband (who has such focus and drive in everything, but not really at exercising), but I love it. I like knowing that I've gotten it out of the way and can do anything I want with the rest of my day. Just so happens that I usually end up walking or running 4 or 5 more miles later.

  • Jersey Shore is rubbish. Would you watch it if Jesus was sitting beside you? (cause, guess what, HE IS!). I've been trying to ask myself this question with everything that we watch lately. Sadly, the TV gets turned off alot. Or maybe that's not sad.

  • I cut Henry's hair and now he seems so old. Like at least 3.

  • If you eat egg whites for breakfast, you're allowed to nibble on brownies an hour afterwards. Then an hour after that, then an hour after that, then.....

  • Travis is leading worship now at FCC. He's doing an amazing job IMHO. Hi, my name is Lindsay and I'm a worship team groupie.

  • Spring is just around the corner. That means I have to order my organic seeds and bioinsecticide....wait, what?!? Yeah - first year gardener and I'm attempting organics? We'll see if the ole brown thumb shows up again (I get it from my mother). If all else fails, I'll just "borrow" from dad's garden.

And last but not least, a picture that will put a smile on that grumpy face of yours....