Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Becoming one of THOSE moms...

Before I had Henry (ah, how much I took for granted), I would make these really stupid and undeserved judgments on others. Honestly, I still do this and I ask God for help in that area everyday. I was especially harsh when it came to judging moms. I laugh when I remember a conversation I had with Katy, pre-baby - we once witnessed a pregnant woman eating her weight in mashed potatos at a buffet. I said that I would NEVER let myself do that...the baby is only like the size of a acorn! HA! What a hypocrite! Travis can attest to the fact that I WAS that lady at the New Moon Chinese buffet in Chattanooga, on at least 5 different occasions!

Moms who can't take the time to dress their babies. What else could you possibly have to do all day, staying at home?? We all know you just sit on the couch, watch your stories and eat bonbons. HA!! What a hypocrite (except that I don't eat bonbons). Henry has definitely been caught out in public in his pajamas and bed-hair. Who really cares? Obviously not me.

I also did not think that it was ok for parents to give there children those free cookies at Ingles. Pure sugar - they don't need that! HA! What a hypocrite! When Henry and I pulled up at the store today, he said, in his little adorable voice, "TOOKIE". WHAT!? My son can LOOK at the outside of Ingles and know that he is getting a cookie.

When did I become one of those moms?... One of those moms who doesn't care what other people think. One who knows that the value of her son will surely not be measured by the clothes that he wears or how he looks, but by the Godly man that he will become. A mom who labors 24 hours a day and gets no pay. Yes, my son gets a cookie...he also gets broccoli and carrots. And pregnant women can do whatever they want - they are playing host to God's miracle.

Hello! My name is Lindsay and I am one of THOSE moms.