Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boys vs. Girls

Question for all you mommas: If you have had a boy and a girl, what were the differences between the pregnancies? Did you carry a certain way? Gain more or less weight? More emotional?

Just curious because I am definitely seeing some differences between Henry and this little girl.
Henry: Basketball under shirt, carried low, craved sushi, hamburgers and fruit.
Clara: Carrying much higher, weight gain all over, severe morning sickness, craved steak - now nothing really.


A+A said...

With Marcail, I most certainly looked "puffier" : ) all over, than with my boy pregnancies. However, the actual amount of weight gain (35ish lbs) has been pretty much the same with all. I craved salt, carbs, and meaty Mexican foods with her, and detested anything sweet (I ate plain yogurt by the spoonful, nothing flavored), even though I naturally have a HUGE sweet tooth. I wonder if the puffiness came from ingesting so much salt and therefore having water retention? My emotions were pretty normal, nothing over the top, really.

With Donovan and this one, I am definitely carrying like a cute solid basketball. No puffiness. I craved cheeseburgers and ice cream with D (which is how I guessed he was a boy, since these are his daddy's favorite foods!), and craved pot roast, fish, and fruit with this little guy. With Donovan I had really bad mood swings and my patience level was at a constant zero until immediately after he came out... then I was my nice self again : ) I feared the same thing with this boy pregnancy, but so far my emotions have been pretty normal, thank God!

bass family said...

Well, I've only ever carried girls... and there were certainly some differences between carrying one and two... but overall, my pregnancies were very similar. So maybe that confirms your suspicions?

D.Kimsey said...

The more "Morning Sickness" you have, the more hair she will have.