Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training (or not)

Well - Tuesday was the day. Marked it on the calendar, told everyone about it, bought special drinks and snacks. Tuesday was the day to potty train Henry. Tuesday was a bad day.

We used the book, "Toilet Training in A Day". It had worked successfully for my mother-in-law for her nine kids so I figured Henry would take to it. The premise is that you stay in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG (with no toys, TV, phone, distractions) and you talk about pottying - ALL DAY. You stuff the toddler full of juice, milk, water and any snack that they want. It's supposed to be fun. Enjoyable. A day to remember.

I'm still trying to block it, as I'm sure Henry is as well.

The child just did not want to do this - didn't want to stay in that room, didn't want to potty, didn't want to pull down his underwear. He drank alot but only peed three times in almost 7 hours. I was consistently excited - my face is still sore from the fake smiling.

I peed more often than he did.

Travis came home and I'm glad that he was able to see how frustrating it was. I was seriously worried that he'd show up at 5 and say, "You must have not read the book".

Ever since Tuesday, we've been prompting Henry to the potty every 30 minutes or so. I even put the potty in front of the TV yesterday and waited for him to pee for like an hour. Imagine me sitting beside him, just staring at his wee-wee, waiting for a drip. If we could only get a couple of times in the potty, and reinforce it with treats, I think he would start to understand. Five minutes after I pull his underwear back on, he pees in them. Since Tuesday, Henry hasn't peed in the potty once. He is perfectly content walking around in a wet pull-up.


Why on God's green Earth did I think that potty training 3 weeks before having a baby would be a good idea?!?!? From all the articles I've read since Tuesday, most toddlers revert back to diapers when a new child comes home. I'm a masochist, I guess.

Should I keep at this? Should we wait another 3 months? Next summer?

P.S. Hollywood stars actually HIRE minions to do this type of much do you think a professional potty-training coach costs?? I'm pretty frugal but....


bass family said...

Oh potty-training. It makes me kinda want to cry. I say WAIT. You will have more than enough to deal with in the next few weeks! The big problem in our house is the immediacy. When they have to go, they have to go. Well, when there is more than one child (which will happen very soon!) a lot of times you can't drop everything to help go potty... it's honestly easier for me to just change diapers. I still haven't completely thrown in the towel on the twins yet, we're going to do a last ditch effort before summer's over, but if that doesn't work, we're going to wait too... and they're already 2 1/2! It's just not worth the chaos. And with all the chaos of going from one child to two, I'd say wait till you (and Henry!) get used to the "new normal"

Andrew said...

So, Donovan is THREE as of today, and he is still resisting succumbing to the potty. He likes diapers, and I think he doesn't get why you would change a good system. And we have tried EVERYTHING... Most moms have told me that when they're ready, they're ready, and when they're not, they're not. I also wonder if we should wait till we try again; but, good grief, he's three years old! And a diaper dirtied by a 3 year old is just gross. : ) I'll let you know if we find something that works!

A+A said...

That was Anneke, not Andrew, btw. You probably figured that out already : )