Thursday, January 21, 2010


sick. But hopeful.
pregnant. And THANKFUL!
in need.

I had a 6 days running, "no throw-up" trend going. Until last night. I always read the Verse of the Day online and ironically, yesterday's verse was James 1:2, the "consider trials pure joy" verse. Out of all of the verses in the Bible, I know that God wanted me to have that one bound around my neck yesterday.

The truth: I'm done with this. I can't take it anymore and I'm ready for life to return to normal. I'm ready to do my housework without wanting to puke. To have enough energy to really play with Henry. Ready to start working out again. To WANT to eat food again. And so much more.

I have such mixed emotions about all of this. I'm tired of being sick, but I know that the reason I'm sick, is because I'm PREGNANT!!!! So many women would kill to be sick if it meant that they were going to have a baby! I know this. I am so thankful that God has given me this blessing - and really just handed it over without much trying on our part. This is a blessing. BUT...

I don't want to be sick anymore. And I know that God can and will heal me. I WILL NOT lose my faith. Job didn't. Man, can you imagine? And now I feel bad for the "BUT.." above.

I'm talking in circles. The point is this: I need prayer. Not only prayer for healing, but for perserverance and for joy in suffering.

P.S. If you've seen the TBS commercial for Family Guy where Stewie says "Mommy, Mom, Ma, etc" then you'll find this funny. Travis has taught Henry that whole skit and he does it several times a day. So cute...and a bit tiring.


Deidre said...

Praying you feel better and soon! :)

The Kenworthy's said...

I will pray my friend for it wasn't so long ago that I was in that exact same spot... just rest in knowing it is only for a time and you can make can do this and what you get is the most precious miracle God allows us to be apart of!! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see the video of Henry doing his 'mama' skit - J & C

Anonymous said...

Congratulatons to you both!!! I am so happy for you! Sorry to hear about being so sick but it will be over soon and it is well worth it!! I will pass the info to all of those at Curves

Miss you guys,


bass family said...

Still praying for you!