Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good thing God has promised to never give me more than I can handle.

Mommy needs a drink. Or some chocolate. Or just a change of mind.

This weekend can not come soon enough. I need an extra pair of hands.

Henry has been clingy, angry, needy, and just all together, a not-so-great child this week.

I have been emotional, uncomfortable, tired and just plain tired.

How will I be able to take care of TWO of these people? Barely managing the one.

TGI (almost) F


A+A said...

Oh Linds, I feel you! We all have those days, probably more often than we care to. Try not to beat yourself up too much; remember that you are only a 2 year old mommy, you are still young in the process and still learning. I know I am! Give yourself some grace : ) Love you.

bass family said...

How well I understand. I have no wise words to offer, because I don't have enough hands either... or the answer to cranky kids... or how to get a handle on crazy emotions.

However, I DO know that you will not just manage, you will do FANTASTIC at taking care of two little ones.