Saturday, September 27, 2008

Call Guinness

Henry has been up, nursing, and/or screaming since 3pm. It is now 10:38pm. Travis and I have tried everything to soothe and calm this baby. I have nursed him every 1 1/2 hours, we took him for a car ride, walked in the Snugly, tried the paci, rocked, and swang in the chair. Just when we think he is asleep, he pops his eyes open and screams.

As proud parents, we believe that someone should contact the Guinness Book of World Records due to our newborn son's ability to stay awake for this long. Is this normal?

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emily said...

Unfortunatly I would say that isn't that abnormal....SORRY!! But I will tell you that with nursing, different foods that you may be eating can greatly affect Henry...with mine it was a different type of food with each one...but once I figured it out each one was 100% happier!! Figuring that out made all the difference...If you are already cutting out caffiene, spicy, garlic and onions I would try cutting out your dairy...Everett was a SCREAMING baby until I cut out dairy and then he was the calmest one...if you need any tips just let me know...I always say it is worth a try right?! I really went to just a bland diet for a couple days and slowly added things in to see if it had any effect on the baby or not...if it bothered him it was usually what I had eaten about 24 hours prior...