Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is harder than it looks - Part 2

Another hard night - so not last night but the night before, we had another eating extravaganza. From 3:30am to 12pm (yes 8 1/2 hours), Henry would eat for an hour it seemed, act like he was done and then want to eat again in the next 20 minutes. This went on until I had a nervous breakdown around 9:30am and Mom (who had 4oz of my milk on hand) told us to get out of the house. After I would feed him, Travis would take him out of the room to go sleep on his chest. Henry would wake and Travis would do everything to try and pacify him before bringing him to me. By the time that 9:30 rolled around, my confidence in breastfeeding was shot. I just knew that I wasn't producing enough milk and that my child was starving. We left him with Mom and Dad and went for a walk. I called to check in around 11:15 and Dad said he was STILL eating. He nursed on 4oz from the time we left until the time we got home. So it wasn't me. For the rest of the day, he basically slept and then last night Mom kept him and fed him another two ounces of my milk so I could sleep for 5 straight hours. 3 hours of which he was wide awake. It was not our best day to say the least.

But how could you be upset with this little man?

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The Keener Family said...

Let me just say that I can totally sympathize with you on the whole breastfeeding struggle. I went through the same thing with Layla. I thought she was never getting enough to eat, and I felt like I was feeding her all the time but I stuck with it and it all worked itself out(Just like the doctor said it would)and it will with you as well. Now the new baby, Mazie, is the little pig and she eats all the time. She still isn't sleeping through the night and she's almost 3 months old. But we will survive. That's what makes us mommies! Hang in there. It will get better.